Louth Golf Club was originally founded in 1965 and situated in an area of outstanding natural beauty bordering Hubbard’s Hills.

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Buggy Hire

Here at Louth Golf Club, we have a fleet of six buggies available to hire. These can either be pre-booked when you book your tee times or if available you can hire one on the day.

Please note Buggy availability is subject to course conditions on the day.

Buggy Policy

The aim of this policy is to ensure that buggy users avoid causing unnecessary damage to the golf course.  

The general rule is that, wherever possible,  ride-on vehicles use the man-made paths. Where these finish, or are absent, the vehicle should be driven in the rough. At all times it will be necessary for drivers to use sensible judgement to avoid areas that are obviously becoming worn or damaged. In addition there are several other additional instructions: 

NEVER drive between a green and a bunker; 

ALWAYS avoid areas delineated by ropes or white lines; 

NEVER  drive within 10 yards of a green (the aprons); 

Buggies should  NOT venture into the zones between: 

1st green  and the 2nd tee (men’s) – use the buggy path 

6th green and the 7th tee – stay right of the green 

11th green and the 12th tee (men’s) stay right of the green 

13th green and the 6th tee – stay left of the LH bunker 

14th green and the 15th tee – use the buggy path 

16th green and the 17th tee – stay left of the LH bunker 

17th green and the 18th tee (men’s) – stay right of the green 

18th green and the 1st fairway – pass the green on the left hand side 

Please stick to these guidelines – failure to do so will almost certainly result in buggy bans happening much more frequently.