A History of Louth Golf Club

Louth Golf Club was the excellent idea of Ted Drakes, Tony Sharpley, Dick Chatterton and Fred Davy.

The House with its 42 acres which was the family home of the Allison family for many years had been purchased by Thomas Falkner Allison in 1869 and the Misses Allison lived there until their deaths when it was sold by auction to the four club directors in 1964.

The House retained its character despite extensive alterations and extensions to it.

When the Club opened on the 5th June 1965 it was clear that more land was needed and a further 34 acres was purchased to enable the course to be extended from 9 holes to 18 holes. Further land was purchased over years to make the course challenging and a jewel in the crown amongst golfing enthusiasts. It became at that time one of the largest courses in the County.

I have done what I intended to do by creating a golf course that has given many people great pleasure. In a way, that side of my work is complete. As I now reach the age of retirement, it is time for me to reduce my commitments. I would clearly like all that has been created to remain in good hands. When members suggested a scheme to purchase the club it provided the perfect solution. To this end I will do all in my power to see their dreams fulfilled

Ted Drakes 1992